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Lease Extension

Are you a Tenant of a Leasehold property seeking to extend the term of your Lease or amend a defect on your Lease? 

Whether it is extending the term of your Lease to make your flat a more attractive sale prospect or dealing with any corrections you are looking to make on the Lease

To extend the lease term, here are the stages involved to note:


  • Eligibility check
  • Initial checks
  • Serving of Notice
  • Compliance with Landlord requirements
  • Consent of Lender, if required

Second Stage

  • Dealing with the draft Deed of Variation
  • Completion of the Deed
  • Registration of the Deed


Extracts from Leasehold Reform Notice


The government is planning to make the leasehold system fairer for leaseholders. Over several years, it appears that some parts of the residential leasehold system have become unfair for some of those who own flats, particularly some newly built flats.

Some leaseholders face high and escalating ground rents, making it harder for them to sell or re-mortgage their homes.

It also seems that some charges being requested under leases may be excessively high, or are being imposed for permissions and administration fees where they may not properly be required.

Enfranchising or extending a lease of a house or of a flat can be expensive and complex.

Issues that can be unfair include:

  • the method and frequency of ground rent increases
  • high or unclear service charges and one-off bills
  • managing agents charging unexpected fees for permissions or consents
  • the costs of and delays in providing management information

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